Agricultural Commodities Procurement

Operating across the East Africa region, we specialize in the sourcing and processing of a wide variety of agricultural commodities including grains, avocados, tea, and coffee. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional customer service, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

We offer a comprehensive range of agricultural products, including:

We supply premium-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee and tea.


  1. Yellow Mustard
  2. Mustard Oriental
  3. Brown Flax Seeds
  4. Yellow Flax Seeds
  5. Red Lentils
  6. Green Lentils
  7. Adzuki Beans
  8. Dark Red Kidney Beans
  9. Green Peas
  10. Chickpeas
  11. Hulless Oats
  12. Processed Oats
  13. Feed Oats
  14. Split Lentils
  15. Yellow Peas
  16. Faba Beans
  17. Red Lentils

For further details reach out to us on Email: Call or whatsapp: +27 76 209 7897.